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Rosetta mission outreach strategy design proposals
visiting researcher, co-designer
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (Caltech)

Rosetta is a European Space Agency mission to rendezvous with comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko in May 2014. The main spacecraft will orbit the comet, while taking scientific measurements. A Surface Science Package (SSP) named Philae will land on the comet surface to take in-situ measurements.
NASA has contributed three instruments to Rosetta - ALICE, MIRO, and IES - plus a significant portion of the electronics package for another instrument, ROSINA.
ALICE , MIRO, and IES will provide information about the dynamics of comet C-G: how it develops its coma and tails, and how its chemicals interact with each other, and with radiation and the solar wind.
Rosetta has a complex trajectory including three Earth and one Mars gravity assist
maneuver before finally reaching the comet after flybys of the asteroids Steins and Lutetia. On arrival at 67P Rosetta will enter orbit around the comet and stay with it as it journeys in towards the Sun.

Moodboards, strategy proposals

Surface images of comet 67P, taken by Philae lander.

Final result. Image: David Delgado

Final result

Image: David Delgado

Discover the awesome final result ‘Metamorphosis’ as developed by the team of Dan Goods and David Delgado on the website of directedplay, or NASA’s ‘The Studio’.

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