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LDSD office
mural design

LDSD office mural design study, design proposal
visiting researcher, co-designer
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (Caltech)

To safely land heavier spacecraft on Mars, larger parachutes and other kinds of drag devices that can be deployed at supersonic speeds are needed.

These new drag devices are among the first steps on the technology path to landing humans and habitats and returning rockets safely on Mars.

High in Earth’s stratosphere, NASA’s Low-Density Supersonic Decelerator office will test new, full- scale parachutes and drag devices at supersonic speeds to refine them for future use at Mars.

To attract visitor attention and to evoke awe and wonder, a bespoke wall mural for the LDSD office was proposed and designed based on a spectacular image of a rail sled test of the LDSD aeroshell test vehicle.

Image: rocket powered test sled of the LDSD aeroshell test vehicle in the Californian desert.

Image: Translation of the test sled photograph into a 75 feet long interior mural.

Image: Moodboard
All image credits: NASA JPL

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